Although the Lineman Barn has been built into a well known recognizable label, we still continue to be a family owned and operated small company that decorates all of our own merchandise in house. We work around the clock trying to accommodate the hundreds of orders that come in every day from amazing linemen and their familes like yourselves who are proud to support not only the brand, but our small family. So thank you for the bottom of our hearts for your loyalty to us...we are unbelievably blessed to do what we do! 

Our background and experiences have led us to a place in our lives we are proud to be at.  The Lineman Barn is the industry leader in apparel and products for power linemen and their families.  Our facebook page boasts thousands of followers and has jokingly been called the CNN of Line Work.  Our involvement in the industry naturally lead us to form a job board where people can search jobs, post their resume and top employers can advertise for the best candidates! 

Our proudest accomplishment is the smiles we put on the families of Linemen in this trade and the help we bring them in their darkest hour during an accident or injury.  Our family is honored to serve the families of this trade and we thank you for allowing us to do so.